Botox concerns

A common concern I get with new clients who have never had any botox treatments before is ‘how can I be sure that it won’t end up a mess’. Concerns over asymmetry and ‘wonky eyebrows’ and generally fear of the unknown are usually the first and biggest stumble block. I think mostly, people are concerned about how the final effect will look. Will money be spent making things worse?

Let me put your mind at rest right now. No, things won’t end up wonky and unnatural. How do I know this? Well because for a first visit, I will be putting in equal amounts of botox on each side of the face so nothing will be uneven. That is not to say there will be no asymmetry at all – I cannot correct any original imperfections – but I will not cause any asymmetry. Also, the reason I insist on a top up 2 weeks after the initial injections is so I can top up where needed and should any problems arise – drooping eyebrows for example (let me just clarify, this has never happened yet), I can correct this.

I can add more but I can’t take away so my ethos is ‘less is more’.

Again, research your practitioner. Ask questions. Be clear about what you want.

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