We only use what we believe to be the best products on the market. Bocouture botulinum toxin is a purified toxin which has a very predictable half-life meaning that the effects should last longer.bocouter100bocouture50



1 area £180 (eyes or frown lines only)

2 areas £220

3 areas £260

Square Jaws (Masseter’s) £400 per session

Bunny Lines £180

Gummy Smile £180

Nefertti Neck Lift £350

Cobblestone Chin £180

Brow Lift £180

FOR HYPERHYDROSIS (excessive sweating)

Currently we only offer underarms and this will be with Botox TM, Bocouture or Azzalure and costs £350 for both underarms


Dermal Fillers

Designer Lip Package from £300 for 1ml

Nasolabial Folds from £300 for 1ml

Marionette Lines from £300 for 1ml

Cheek volumisation from £350 for 1ml

Superficial Lines from £350 for 1ml

Mid-face refresh from £600 for combination of botox and fillers


Profhilo HA filler in 5 treatment point areas to improve crepey skin and facial volume appearance. £380 for one off treatment, £650 for course of 2, £900 for a course of 3

Profhilo HA filler for crepey neck skin from £650 for course of 2, £900 for a course of 3


Viscoderm Hydrobooster – a revolutionary new hyularonic acid product designed to treat both static and dynamic lines. £300 per session. A minimum of 2 sessions is recommended 8 weeks apart.

Deals are available for combinations of Botox and Fillers – please ask!


One off face and neck treatment £300

Course of three treatments (recommended) £700

Chest treatment £250

Stretch mark treatment with microneedling improves the feel and appearance of stretch marks with long lasting results.

Stretch marks course of three treatments from £700 depending on size of area to be treated. This includes cost of local anaesthetic.

Neogenesis Microneedling Facial – an hour long treatment combining medical grade skincare products, microneedling to problem areas and 30 minute LED treatment to improve skin texture, clarity, tightness and luminosity. Cost per treatment is £150.


MeLine B&A (1)

MeLine chemical dermabrasion peel

  • Course of 2 peels including home care kit £700
  • One off treatment £260

Mg TCA 35 treatment peel

  • Course of 4 treatments £500
  • One off treatment £160

SkinCeuticals UK Peels – see Skinceuticals page for further details. We have peels for pigmentaion, fine lines and aging, acne and dehydration.

Gel Peel – a 45 minute treatment using medical grade skincare and a gentle exfoliating peel. £80 per treatment

Glycolic 20% or 30% peel – a 45 minute treatment using medical grade skincare and a moderately deep glycolic acid peel. £85 per treatment.

Pigment blanacing peel – a 30 minute treatment using medical grade skincare and an unbuffered, deep peel which targets melanin patches and melanin production to reduce pigmented areas. £80 per treatment.

Neogenesis Peel Facial – a 1 hour treatment including medical grade skincare, gel peel and a 30 minute LED light therapy session to target tired, dry skin and tighten up pores and fine lines. £150 per treatment.


Ultimate Eye Corrector Treatment

  • Course of 5 treatments £350
  • One off treatment £60

Age (liver) spot treatment

  • Up to 5 areas for £150