When bad lips happen to good people

A client came to see me recently because she had had her lips filled by another practitioner and was really unhappy with the outcome. From what she told me, she had been encouraged to have more than the 0.5ml she was used to and the technique used was one which is more suited to shaping the lips rather than plumping which is what she had wanted. The outcome was over-filled, lumpy lips which she was not pleased with.

I was asked if I could rectify the problem. The answer is yes and no. It is never ideal for one practitioner to correct another practitioner’s mistake as the outcome is rarely optimal. There are options but these would all cost the client more money to try to distract from an already present problem.

Firstly (and here is something everyone who is considering having lip fillers but is terrified of a bad job), there is an ‘antidote’ to hyularonic acid (which is the main component in fillers). Hyaluronidase is a chemical which will dissolve fillers, so you can be reassured that if the worst happens something can be done. However, getting another practitioner (as in not the one who performed the original treatment) is costly.

Another option is to have more filler applied to fill out the areas where the lips are uneven but again, you run the risk of worsening the problem and also, this is costly.

The best option, and the option I would generally recommend, is just do nothing. Leave it all well alone. The body will absorb the filler over time – usually within 6 months – so leaving it alone will ensure you don’t end up further out of pocket and more importantly, that you won’t end up with a smile that doesn’t make you smile.

My other (and most important) piece of advice on this subject: DO YOUR RESEARCH and be very clear about what you want. If you have any doubts about the technique used or product used then do not proceed.

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