Brow lift saves eyes

I have noted over my time working with botox that people can sometimes have a problem with a brow droop. In fairness, this can often be predicted due to eyebrow setting, lid heaviness and previous surgeries or related eye problems but it cannot always be expected. This side effect is something to be discussed at the consultation stage.

If this does occur when having your Botox done, it is very important to talk to your practitioner and let them know, and as always it is very important to attend the two week top up! There is an option to help treat this little set back.

Although it may be disappointing after spending money to have your face ‘freshend up’, let me shine a positive light on this problem: we now know two things -1) smaller doses are needed to achieve the desired effect, 2) you need your injections slightly higher up. Knowledge is power so never think of it as a negative!

At the two week top up, if you feel your lids are dropping, discuss this with your practitioner. Small doses (maybe one or two units) of botox can be injected to the under side of your eyebrow along the obicularis oculi which will relax the muscle which is pulling the eyebrow down (remember the muscle which opposes this action and elevates the eyebrows has already been weakened with botox to relieve the frown wrinkles). These injections can be targeted to provide a lift in the brow wherever it is needed to raise the brow.

Equally, it is possible to help with heavy lids – where the skin of the eyelid sits on the eyelashes – with small doses of botox under the eyebrow. The eyebrow can be lifted by up to 2mm which makes a big difference. Definitive treatment is surgical and is probably the most cost-effective option in the long run but botox is also an option.

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