The natural botox look

Ok, so botox is not necessarily natural. And obviously everyone expects those who have had botox to be unable to move their face or make expressions. The frozen look is generally regarded as what you get with botox right? Wrong! The frozen look is generally something that is asked for specifically by the client and personally it is not something that I am keen to do. Of course it can be a result of the inconsiderate practitioner and that is one reason to research the practitioner you are looking to use and especially to look at their ‘before and after’ portfolio.

In my opinion, if you are spending this much money to improve how you feel about yourself and freshen up your looks, you really shouldn’t be left with a flashing, neon sign advertising that you have done so. My ethos is simple, spend the money on someone who will take the time to look at what you want and make you look like you have been on a wonderful holiday and are fabulously rested. Static lines (those which are there all the time whether moving your face or not) will never be removed completely by botox. Over time they will improve as the skin is allowed to relax – think of a crumpled shirt, if you leave it to hang then the creases will settle – but they won’t necessarily disappear completely. But then would you really want them to? Is it natural to have no wrinkles at all in your 60s and above? Would it not be noticeable if all of your wrinkles completely disappear overnight?

Botox is especially good for the dynamic lines (those which appear when you move your face but then disappear) and therefore very good for preventing the formation of dynamic lines. In my own opinion (and other people’s do vary!), you should still have movement in your face after botox injections. You should still be able to frown, raise your brows and smile. This is all part of the ‘natural botox’ look I endeavour to achieve. Of course, at the end of the day if you are paying the money you should get the final say. As I keep saying, your consultation is an open dialogue and you should tell your practitioner honestly what you want.

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