Seeking out the right practitioner for you

Aesthetics is an ever-changing and fast-pace area to be in. You have to really be paying attention to what the fashions are and what is popular at any moment in time, but also be big enough to evaluate the merits of any treatments available and how they would be implemented in your own daily practice. Russian Lips for example. They have been a really big thing in social media and celebrity culture for a short while now. Before this, the ‘keyhole’ (or Angelina) look was big and before that it was the bigger the better. Now, I can see some of the benefits for these techniques (bar the ‘bigger the better’ look, that is never flattering) but not in every situation. It is a bit like going to the hairdresser with a photo of Jennifer Anniston and asking them to change your thin, wispy hair into her thick flaxen hairdo. It doesn’t work does it? This is where you need a trained, honest professional who can guide you to what is and is not achievable with lip filler. 

There is some merit to techniques used in the Russian Lip. Although I am not a huge fan of the results of this technique when used to create huge, crisply defined, drawn on lips; I love using it to create a top lip in ladies of a certain age who have lost any hint of top lip or whose lip rolls under when they smile. I think that using a broad range of techniques to create a natural, harmonious, attractive lip shows a well-trained and responsible injector. When I see adverts touting ‘Russian Lip’ or ‘Kim K’ packages, I do despair because it shows an uneducated injector who is offering a ‘one-size fits all’ (but suits none) product. The client is not necessarily going to understand this because you are being offered this by someone how knows what they are doing right? This is why I always advocate doing some research. Talk to previous clients if you can. Ask them what they thought of the service. Did they get what they wanted? Does the injector have verified reviews? Can the injector talk you through what they can do if anything goes wrong? What guarantees can they offer you if you are unhappy with what you get? Do they have any pictures of previous clients they have treated?  

Lips especially are important to get right. As we all know at the moment, people will often watch your mouth when you talk – it helps so much with communication. If it is not done right or is overdone, people will notice! Lips have a huge blood and nerve supply so it is important to understand that if things go wrong, they can go very wrong. I have seen people left with significant and life changing scars from lip injections. Blocked blood vessels can cause skin necrosis (death), infection and in worse case scenarios, blindness. The less experienced you are in injecting and the anatomy involved, the more danger you put the patient in. I have seen people who have had lip fillers go wrong and their original injector has not arranged to see them – usually palming them off with ‘it is normal bruising and swelling’. Any time a client has concerns (unfounded or not), they should be seen (ideally face to face) to discuss the concerns, for examination and correction of whatever is happening. Whether this is with antibiotics, steroids, dissolving or just plain and simple reassurance, it needs to happen immediately. This is where dealing with someone who is medically trained and able to diagnose, manage and prescribe is so important. It is not about costs, this is your face; cheaper is most definitely NOT better.  

Make a note of the above things to ask when looking for any aesthetic treatments and bare in mind, if you are being promised the world for a cheap price, it is not likely to be safe or legit! 

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