Lets talk lips

So this week I have had concerns from two very different customers about lips. First was a lady whom I suggested fillers for to help reduce lines around the mouth and the other was a young lady who wanted a fuller looking top lip but was scared about ending up with a fake looking smile. Neither had had filler in their lips before so were understandably worried. With first time lip customers, I would only recommend using a maximum of 0.6ml of filler as it is important to see how you react to the filler – some customers get very swollen lips initially so it is difficult to see how they will settle. By using a smaller amount, I can be sure that nobody will be stuck with over-sized lips that look unnatural and fake no matter what they look like immediately after filler.

Another concern that both ladies had was about the pain involved. I can assure you that having filler in your lips should not be painful. I use topical anaesthetic cream to numb your mouth before I inject (think numb mouth when you are at the dentist but hopefully without the dribbling!) and the fillers I use have local anaesthetic in them also. Your lips will feel swollen for a few days but this is not a terrible pain – a bit like if you have bitten your lip – and it settles quickly. I recommend all my customers to use arnica gel to help with this pain and swelling, this is easily purchased over the counter at your local chemist.

I am always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns at any time so please ask!

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