Katy Price reveals all

I’m sure we have all seen the shock/horror articles about Katy Price’s recent venture into microneedling. As always, she has pulled in the crowds. But actually, this time, I do not think that it is Katy Price who is actually at the centre of it all but rather people’s slightly skewed reactions!

Microneedling is a new innovation in skin care and like all innovations, it is different, progressive and exciting. Good results have been seen using this technique. Agreed, it does look a bit horrific for the uninitiated and if you have never even heard of it, this looks dreadful but the outcome is worth the ‘blood bath’. In drawing blood, the practitioner knows that they have reached the right level of the dermis with the needles, thus ensuring that the product has reached it’s optimum destination and that surface blood flow has been stimulated. This all adds up to a glowing, smooth and even complexion.

As local anaesthetic is used, it is not painful. It is not for the faint-hearted however as you can feel the movements of the needles and in some areas, you can hear the skin ‘pop’! The skin is red for around 24 hours after (so not a facial to have if you have big plans for the next few days) and it feels tight – as Katy herself says ‘like sun burn’.

In reality though, this is a quick and effective treatment with very little ‘down time’ so does the procedure itself really matter that much?

It’s only a little blood after all!


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Lets talk lips

So this week I have had concerns from two very different customers about lips. First was a lady whom I suggested fillers for to help reduce lines around the mouth and the other was a young lady who wanted a fuller looking top lip but was scared about ending up with a fake looking smile. Neither had had filler in their lips before so were understandably worried. With first time lip customers, I would only recommend using a maximum of 0.6ml of filler as it is important to see how you react to the filler – some customers get very swollen lips initially so it is difficult to see how they will settle. By using a smaller amount, I can be sure that nobody will be stuck with over-sized lips that look unnatural and fake no matter what they look like immediately after filler.

Another concern that both ladies had was about the pain involved. I can assure you that having filler in your lips should not be painful. I use topical anaesthetic cream to numb your mouth before I inject (think numb mouth when you are at the dentist but hopefully without the dribbling!) and the fillers I use have local anaesthetic in them also. Your lips will feel swollen for a few days but this is not a terrible pain – a bit like if you have bitten your lip – and it settles quickly. I recommend all my customers to use arnica gel to help with this pain and swelling, this is easily purchased over the counter at your local chemist.

I am always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns at any time so please ask!

Customer concerns addressed

One of my customers, during our initial consultation, said she bruised easily. Now I know this is a common problem with a lot of people but obviously, when you are spending money to look better, you don’t want to look worse first right? I am aware that my customers don’t necessarily want to announce to everyone that they have had a little help to look refreshed! That is one of the things I try ¬†to take into account when assessing what can be offered. Obviously I cannot guarantee that there will never be any bruising but I will do my best to avoid it and place injections in areas less likely to bruise. In this case, I noticed the customer had a lot of superficial blood vessels in her face so I tried to ensure I placed the injections away from the vessels. The outcome was that there a few pinprick spots but, crucially, there was no bruising! Mission accomplished.